Available Printers

The departmental shared printers are restricted to accept jobs only from the main print server ( which spools the jobs with CUPS (Common Unix Print Spooler). Departmental users are able to print to these printers either from a dept server ( ie ssh) or from their own workstations ( see below). Charges are levied for pages printed.

Undergraduate students should use Pay4Print service with their UBC Cards, which is the same system used by UBC Libraries. Here is the instruction on how to use the service:…

The current complement of printers are ...


Queue on PHAS print server (

IP Address Queue on UBC Pay4Print Make/Model Location Comments
woodie lp  

Central\BW-Letter-Duplex (Black & White, 7 cents per page)
Central\BW-Letter-Single (Black & White, 7 cents per page)
Central\Colour-Letter-Duplex (Colour, 35 cents per page)
Central\Colour-Letter-Single (Colour, 40 cents per page)

HP Color LaserJet M652 Henn203 Colour
treekillah lp3     HP Color LaserJet M652 Henn325 Colour
chippy lp7     HP Colour Laserjet M652 Henn310 Colour
QMI-HP QMI-HP     HP Color LaserJet M652 Ampel 170 Colour
xeroxcolour   Xerox AltaLink C8155 Henn 323 Colour Copier
xeroxbw   Xerox D95 Henn 323 Colour copier

All printers support duplex and Postscript.

The following conditions need to be met in order for you to print from your own computer

  1. Your computer must be able to send the printing packet to the local print server. The local firewall block packets except from trusted hosts. If you are connected to one of the dept LAN's -- your packets are passed through. If your on UBC wireless or some other network (eg telus, shaw), you will need to join the dept's VPN (Virtual Private Network) to be able to print.
  2. A print queue on your local computer must be configured to communicate with one of the queues defined on the print server. (see the platform-specific notes below)
  3. The local login name must correspond with your PHAS login.
  4. You can check the printer queue from this link:

Instructions on how to configure printers on:

Source URL: