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Selected publications:

Vortex lattice melting and Hc2 in underdoped YBa2Cu3Oy
B. J. Ramshaw, J. Day, B. Vignolle, D. LeBoeuf, P. Dosanjh, C. Proust, L. Taillefer, W. N. Hardy, and D. A. Bonn.
Phys. Rev. B 86, 174501 (2012).

Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Superconducting LiFeAs Single Crystals: Evidence for Two Nodeless Energy Gaps and Coupling to a Bosonic Mode
S. Chi, S. Grothe, R. Liang, P. Dosanjh, W. N. Hardy, S. A. Burke, D. A. Bonn, and Y. Pennec.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 087002 (2012).

Coherent c-axis transport in the underdoped cuprate superconductor YBa2Cu3Oy
B. Vignolle, B. J. Ramshaw, J. Day, D LeBoeuf, S Lepault, R. Liang, W. N. Hardy, D. A. Bonn, L. Taillefer, C. Proust.
Phys. Rev. B 85, 224524 (2012).

Absolute value and temperature dependence of the magnetic penetration depth in Ba(Co0.074Fe0.926)2As2
O. Ofer, J. C. Baglo, M. D. Hossain, R. F. Kiefl, W. N. Hardy, A. Thaler, H. Kim, M. A. Tanatar, P. C. Canfield, R. Prozorov, G. M. Luke, E. Morenzoni, H. Saadaoui, A. Suter, T. Prokscha, B. M. Wojek, and Z. Salman.
Phys. Rev. B 85, 060506(R) (2012).

Angle dependence of quantum oscillations in YBa2Cu3O6.59 shows free-spin behaviour of quasiparticles
B. J. Ramshaw, B. Vignolle, J. Day, R. Liang, W. N. Hardy, C. Proust, and D. A. Bonn.
Nature Physics 7, 234-238 (2011).

Oxygen chain disorder as the weak scattering source in YBa2Cu3O6.50
J. S. Bobowski, J. C. Baglo, J. Day, L. Semple, P. Dosanjh, P. J. Turner, R. Harris, R. Liang, D. A. Bonn, and W. N. Hardy.
Phys. Rev. B 82, 134526 (2010).

Precision microwave electrodynamic measurements of K- and Co-doped BaFe2As2
J. S. Bobowski, J. C. Baglo, J. Day, P. Dosanjh, R. Ofer, B. J. Ramshaw, R. Liang, D. A. Bonn, W. N. Hardy, H. Luo, Z.-S. Wang, L. Fang, and H.-H. Wen.
Phys. Rev. B 82, 094520 (2010).

Encapsulated Single Crystal Growth and Annealing of the High-Temperature Superconductor Tl-2201
D. C. Peets, R. Liang, M. Raudsepp, W. N. Hardy, and D. A. Bonn.
J. Cryst. Growth 312, 344-350 (2010).