Welcome to the Bonn group home page. We use various microwave techniques to probe the electronic properties of unconventional superconductors, including cuprates, pnictides, and heavy fermion systems, all of which have unanswered questions associated with their basic physics.

If we can find answers to these fundamental questions, then we open the possibility of using superconductors to our greater advantage. Technological applications that could benefit from a more complete understanding of superconductivity include, but are not limited to: more powerful supercondcuting magnets (e.g., for MRI and NMR machines, maglev trains, tokamak fusion reactors, and particle accelerators); low-loss power cables; faster, smaller digital circuits; improved RF and microwave filters (e.g., for cell phones); and high sensitivity particle detectors.

We are part of an extensive community of researchers at UBC interested in the properties of correlated metals, including groups researching in quantum materials and other weird things. Our laboratory is located in AMPEL, an interdisciplinary institute for wide-ranging materials research.

We are currently looking to add to increase the size of our group and are actively looking for MSc and PhD students. Please contact Doug Bonn directly if you are interested in joining us.

last updated October 2012