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Dr. Georg Rieger
Office: Henn 258
Phone: (604)822-4269 (office)

(604)822-2332 (lab)

Department of Physics
University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada


Office hours:  by appointment.


Courses: Phys 100, Phys 101, Phys 409 labs


Links: PHET, Hyperphysics, C21, MasteringPhysics,  ILEs

I am a instructor 1 at UBC. I teach mainly first-year physics such as Phys 100, 101, and 102. I also teach lab classes such as Phys 209 or Phys 409.

Although I teach large classes, I try to make my lectures as interactive as possible. Modern technologies such as electronic response systems get students involved through in-class conceptual questions. In addition to demonstrations, I also like to use computer simulations (mostly from the PhET group at the University of Colorado).


Research Interests:
I have a background in experimental research (optics, lasers, spectroscopy), but I am now focusing on Physics Education Research (PER). I am currently not able to take any new grad students or postdocs.


Other Interests:
I like sports, music, and literature. When I obtained my first degree in Physics in 1990 from the Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum (Germany), I rewarded myself with a nice road bike. 12 years later I signed up for my first race ever and competed in a 'sprint-triathlon’ in March 2002, here at UBC. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it. It is a beginner friendly sport and the short distances (800 m swim/22 km bike/6 km run) allowed me to finish on my feet. The UBC triathlon takes place every year in March. A good way to get into triathlon is the UBC Triathlon Club that is run by students. The club has members of all ability levels, many beginners, and most are UBC students. I am still training and participating in triathlon and running races.