E.B. Eastburn Postdoctoral Fellowship

Deadline for receipt of Applications for the 2005-2007 competition is January 31, 2005.

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Established by way of a substantial bequest from the late Dr. Eugene B. Eastburn, The E.B. Eastburn Postdoctoral Fellowship is a highly sought-after scientific fellowship that attracts applications from some of Canada's brightest scientists.
The Fellowship is restricted to candidates who have/will have successfully defended their Ph.D thesis in the five year time frame from June to June in the year of the application deadline, and who hold Canadian citizenship or Permanent Resident status.

The Fellowship is tenable at any Canadian university or recognized research institute in Canada, where the Fellow is expected to pursue full-time postdoctoral study and research for the term of the Fellowship.

The Fellowship will be awarded for twenty-four (24) consecutive months, commencing approximately September 1 of year the fellowship is awarded (every odd numbered year). In the event of the termination of the Fellowship during the Fellowship term, the amount of the award will be prorated.

The award is approximately $80,000, out of which the Fellow will be expected to pay all related travel, equipment, research and other expenses, as well as his/her own salary. No other paid employment or major academic award may be accepted by the successful candidate during the term the Fellowship is held.

Interim written reports briefly describing research progress must be submitted semi-annually by the Fellow. A final detailed report must be filed within one month of the conclusion of the Fellowship term.

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