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Carl Michal

Carl Michal, Professor

BSc Physics UBC (1992)
PhD Physics Cornell (1997)
Postdoctoral Fellow, NIH (1999)

Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of British Columbia
6224 Agricultural Road
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

Office: Hennings 411, Tel: (604) 822-2432
Lab: Hennings 100, Tel: (604) 822-3898
Fax: (604) 822-5324

Michal Group

The 2012 group (minus Ron) in front of the Rose Gardens on UBC's campus in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia!

Ron Dong Ronald Dong, Honorary Professor ( )

Research interests

Shu Han Shu Han, PhD student ( )

Msc Electronic Engineering, Peking university, 2011

Research Interests: I am using NMR techniques to investigate the orientation and structure of whelk egg capsule, and prove/disprove the hypothesis that whelk egg capsule undergoes reversible alpha-helix to beta-sheet transition during extension.
Other Interests: I like all kinds of music and movies, and soccer is my favorite sport, enjoy hiking with friends.

Alan Manning Alan Manning, MSc student ( )

BSc Physics, Carleton University, 2011

Research Interests: I am using a variety of solution and solid-state NMR techniques to characterize a new material made by the MacLachlan group at UBC chemistry. This material is a mesoporous glass and is interesting due to the chiral nematic structure of the pores. Possible uses for this glass include temperature/concentration-dependent sensors and enantioselective filters. NMR allows us to probe the behaviour of absorbed liquids and liquid crystals, assisting the development of novel applications of this material.
Other Interests: Outside the lab, I enjoy sailing, biking, swimming, having a brew or two with friends, and kicking back with a history book.


Name Thesis
Alison Michan (MASc 2012) Nuclear magnetic resonance characterization of solid polymer electrolyte materials
Andy Reddin (MSc 2012) Solid state NMR investigation of protein-based biomaterials. Resilin : an extremely efficient elastomeric protein
Clark Lemke (MSc 2011) Structural Analysis of Nanocrystalline Cellulose Using Solid-State NMR
David Katz (MSc 2010) Solid state NMR investigations of protein based biomaterials: spider silk, recombinant spider silk proteins, and electrospun spider silk proteins
Tom Depew (MSc 2008) Solid state NMR investigation of protein based biomaterials : Pacific hagfish slime thread and recombinant insect resilin
Chien-Hsin Tso (MSc 2006) NMR study of PF6- doped polypyrrole : a potential candidate for artificial muscles
Philip Eles (PhD 2005) Peptide backbone orientation and dynamics in spider dragline silk and two-photon excitation in nuclear magnetic and quadrupole resonance