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Quantum Information in Quantum Gravity III

August 14 to 18, 2017 at UBC, Vancouver, Canada

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The workshop is aimed at facilitating discussion on applying information theoretic concepts to tackle quantum gravity conundrums. In recent years we have seen an increasing interplay between the quantum information and the string/quantum gravity communities and we aim to facilitate further interaction in this front. We plan to have a a few talks per day with lots of time for discussions.

Invited Speakers

Xiaoliang Qi     Netta Engelhardt    Eduardo Testé    Mukund Rangamani    Tom Hartman  
 Adam Brown
    Aitor Lewkowycz     Jamie Sully     Nima Lashkari     Bartek Czech    
Ning Bao
    Djordje Radicevic     Dan Roberts     Beni Yoshida     Tadashi Takayanagi   
Jennifer Lin
   Hirosi Ooguri     Nicole Yunger Halpern    John Preskill    Guifre Vidal
Alex Maloney
    Jonathan Oppenheim     Antony Speranza     Douglas Stanford  
Sean Weinberg     Shira Chapman     Henry Maxfield    
Javier Magán    Matt Headrick

Full list of participants can be found in the Participants pages.

Practical information

The workshop will be held in the University of British Columbia, Vancouver campus. Other useful details:

Some suggestions for accommodation in UBC campus and around, as well as directions to the campus from Vancouver airport can be found in the Practical Information pages.


There is no registration fee, but interested participants should contact mav@phas.ubc.ca indicating their interest. We may have to restrict attendance based on space constraints.



The funding for the workshop is from the "It From Qubit" Collaboration grant from the Simons Foundation, a Simons Investigator grant, and from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

Image courtesy: UBC Public Affairs Flickr pool. Image credit: Russ Heinl