Asymtotically Topological Spacetimes

Who needs to do work when this will do it for you? Generate a random mathematical object and do a random operation on it, all for great fun! This was coded by Bartholomew Furrow with input from the offices in the Mezzanine of Hennings at UBC.

Standard Hat Rules Apply

This a is logic puzzle blog of another good friend of mine, Kory Stevens. Every few days he introduces a new problem, then a few days later he posts the solution. It can get pretty heavy, so I dare you put on your math hat and try to figure out what colour it is.

Closet Productions Presents

This is my dad's production company. An epic journey into the soul of a man starts with a single click. He posts movies and art projects here.

David Charbonneau

This is my dad's homepage. It has links to all his columns for the Kamloops Daily News, activism projects such as Save Our CBC, and much more.