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Presentations On-line

  • ``The Secret Life of Neutron Stars"
    Colloquium-Type presentation that I gave during the fall of 2002 and the spring of 2003.
    [PDF 1811K]
  • ``Do Old Neutron Stars Shiver to Keep Warm?"
    Presentation at the 2003 AstroGravs meeting at the University of Maryland
    [PDF 1189K]
  • ``Polarized Spectra from Magnetized Hydrogen Neutron-Star Atmospheres"
    Poster at the 2003 HEAD meeting at Mount Tremblant with Nir Shaviv and Don Lloyd
    [PDF 248K, ADS]
  • ``A New Method for Determining the Stability of Material Accreting onto Neutron Stars"
    Presentation at the 2003 HEAD meeting at Mount Tremblant with Ramesh Narayan
    [PDF 623K, ADS]
  • ``What can Neutron Stars Tell Us about QED and Vice Versa?"
    Presentation at the 2003 CIAR meeting at Mount Tremblant
    [PDF 1558K]
  • ``The QED-GRB Connection (some things you should remember if the field is strong)"
    Presentation at the 2002 Sackler Conference at Harvard
    [PDF 1745K]
  • ``Prospects in Compact Stars"
    Presentation to the NASA Structure and Evolution of the Universe Roadmap Committee, 6 January 2002.
    [PDF 1797K]
  • ``So What is the Weather like on Aquila X-1!"
    Poster at the Winter 2002 American Astronomical Society Meeting, Washington DC
    [PDF 226K, ADS]
  • ``So What is the Weather like on Aquila X-1?"
    Presentation at the 2001 Chandra Fellows Symposium.
    [PDF 491K, ADS]
  • ``The Nuclear EOS and QED in Astrophysics"
    Presentation to the June 6, 2000 meeting of the NAS/NRC Committee on the Physics of the Universe
    [PDF 1094K]
  • ``The Optics of Neutron Star Magnetospheres"
    Presentation at the 1999 HEAD meeting in Chaleston SC
    [PDF 1708K, ADS]

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