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UBC Physics &
Hamed Karimi Ph.D. with Ian Affleck                  Fumika Suzuki   PhD with Philip Stamp
Clemens Adolphs Ph.D. with Mona Berciu      Zheng Shi PhD with Ian Affleck
Si Chen Ph.D. with Steve Plotkin      Mirko Moeller   PhD with Mona Berciu  
Eric Mills Ph.D. with Steve Plotkin      Liam Huber M.Sc. with J. Rottler and M. Militzer
Amanda Parker Ph.D. with Jörg Rottler      Anna Lee M.Sc. with Philip Stamp
Mohammad Vazifeh Ph.D. with Marcel Franz      Leon Ruocco M.Sc. with Philip Stamp
Zhen Zhu Ph.D. with Philip Stamp      Alfred Cheung M.Sc. with M. Berciu and G. Sawatzky
Ryan McKenzie Ph.D. with Philip Stamp      Yi Liu M.Sc. with Fei Zhou
Tim Cox Ph.D. with Philip Stamp      Xiobin Lu M.Sc. with Marcel Franz
Shahzad Ghanbarian Ph.D. with Jörg Rottler      Itamar Reis M.Sc. with Marcel Franz
Anton Smessaert Ph.D. with Jörg Rottler
Mohammad Mashayekhi    Ph.D. with Fei Zhou
Dmitry Borzov    Ph.D. with Fei Zhou
Hadi Ebrahimnejad Ph.D. with Mona Berciu

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