Printers - Mac Configuration

Printers - Mac Configuration

The Mac system should be set up with print queues that send the jobs to the print spooler (aka using the LPR protocol. The detailed instructions below were taken from a Mac OS 10.6 (SnowLeopard). Older versions may differ in the details.

Note: The user login short name on Mac must be the SAME as the user's phas account name, otherwise, you won't be able to print to the departmental printers. Here is an instruction on how to change your Mac username:

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Select Print & Faxfrom the System Preferences page.
  2. On the Print/Fax screen, any defined printer queues will appear in the left hand column. It will be empty if there are no printer queues. Click on the "+" at bottom.
  3. On the Add Printer screen, select IP at the top and fill in the following data:



    Queue-->One of "lp", "lp3", "lp7", "ColourCopier", "QMI-HP"

    Name-->A name suitable for the local queue

    Location-->something like "Henn 325" is a good choice

    Print Using-->This is an appropriate print driver. Use "Select Printer Software" from the drop-down list to bring up a list of known printers. For "lp", "lp3", and "lp7" use "Generic PostScript Driver", for HP printers, please download the driver from here and install it first, then choos "HP Color LaserJet M652" driver, if M652 doesn't exist, then choose M651.
    When the Options page appears after clicking on Add, be sure to select "Duplex Unit"

The printer driver might not be installed by default. Please visit the apple knowledge base for information on how to install them
For Xerox printer driver, we recommend to use the built-in Generic PostScript Driver, as the driver downloaded from Xerox website sometimes having trouble to print PDF files.
For HP printer driver, go to HP website

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