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How to Seek Help with A Computer Problem

1. Try to find a solution on this website:

2. Submit a trouble-ticket by sending an email to (

A Trouble Ticket will be created and an appropriate person will respond ASAP.


The following table lists the IT staff and their main areas of responsibility. The list of responsibilities is not exclusive, since all system administrators have broad expertise, but is included to indicate the best person to contact for a non-urgent problem.

Hongyun Sun (
Hennings 203A
604-240-7338 (c)
M-F 8:30-4:30
student/computer lab maintenance
desktop computers (Windows) support
general network user support
user account maintenance
department directory and email list maintenance
Gerry Grieve (
Hennings 308C
M-F 9:30-5:30
student/computer lab server admin.
* server maintenance (www and ariel)
general research support
secure web site: job applications, course archive
Ron Parachoniak (
Hennings 203C
604-827-2098 (w)
604-838-6437 (c)
M-F 8:00-4:00
* server admin. (filesvr, backup, web and mail)
firewall (FWSM) administration
network administration
Ovidiu Toader (
Hennings Room TBA
Schedule TBD
cluster support
high performance computing


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