Local Area Network

Departmental VLans

The department local area network includes wall outlets in Hennings, Hebb, ChemPhysics and Brimacombe buildings.  1GB connections are available in most areas.

All devices needing a hardwired connection must have their MAC/ethernet addresses registered in the PHAS DNS and DHCP tables.   Once registered, the computer can automatically obtain an ip address via DHCP.   By default, ip addresses are statically assigned to computers.  However, laptops which are likely to require connections to more than one subnet ("roaming") can have dynamically assigned ip addresses on any PHAS subnet.

Faculty, staff and graduate students can register their devices by either filling out this Device Registration form, or sending a message to ITsupport@phas.ubc.ca with the following information:

  • your name and PHAS email address
  • if you are a student, your supervisor's email address
  • building and room number
  • specify if this is a "roaming" laptop (travels between buildings)
  • host name for the computer.  For advice on choosing a name, see  http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1178
  • computer's mac address See Finding Mac Addresses
  • hardware and operating system details (eg. Desktop / Laptop and Linux Ubuntu 22.04 / macOS 13 / Win 11)
  • an expiry date for the connection
  • specify its encryption status and method of encryption. See How To Encrypt Your Devices
  • specify the Anti-malware installed (Cisco SE or CrowdStrike Falcon or ?)
  • specify if you have separate administrator(root) and normal user accounts.
  • specify if there are any accounts with shared passwords.
  • specify who has administrator(root) privileges.
  • specify if any special firewall rules are required (hosts/ports).

Source URL: https://phas.ubc.ca/local-area-network