Contacts & Advising (

Contacts & Advising

Please do not send your email to multiple advisors at once. Someone will get back to you with your inquires or will forward your email on to another appropriate advisor if your email was sent to the wrong person. Please be patient after sending your email, but do follow up with another email if you don't hear back within a week.

For other departmental contacts, visit the following pages:

Program & Registration Enquiries

For course registration or program enquiries, please email the appropriate person below:

Position Contact Information Location
Registration and Advising in PHYS 1xx Courses:
Registration Inquiry Contact (

Registration FAQ (


*Note: Please do NOT email requests for section changes. There is a "Request for Section Change (" form for PHYS 100/131/117/118/119/157/158/159/170.

Engineering Physics Program and Courses More Information (
Eng. Phys. Program Coordinator Eileen Campbell (
(604) 822-6451

Hennings 333A
All Other UNDERGRADUATE PHYS & ASTR Programs and Courses:
Undergraduate Program Coordinator Kirsty Dickson (
(604) 822-3026

UBC Students: Please provide your student # if you leave a voicemail.

Hennings 329A
GRADUATE Program (including PHYS & ASTR 5xx and 6xx Courses)
Graduate Program Coordinator Oliva Dela Cruz-Cordero (
(604) 822-4245

Hennings 333

Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate Advisors

To schedule an appointment with an advisor, please contact the appropriate person below:

Position Contact Information
Undergraduate 1st Year Physics Advisor Dr. James Charbonneau (
Undergraduate 2nd Year Physics Advisor Dr. Janis McKenna (
Undergraduate 3rd & 4th Year Physics Advisor Dr. Janis McKenna (
Undergraduate Biophysics Advisor (all year levels) Dr. Vesna Sossi (
Undergraduate Astronomy Advisor (all year levels) Dr. Ingrid Stairs (
For all other undergraduate program matters, please contact:
Undergraduate Chair Dr. Chris Waltham (

Physics and Astronomy Graduate Program Chairs/Advisors

Position Contact Information
Graduate Program Chair and Graduate Advisor Dr. Gary Hinshaw ( (

Graduate Admission Chair Dr. Jeremy Heyl (
Graduate Awards Chair Dr. Ariel Zhitnitsky (
Medical Physics Program Advisor Dr. Stefan Reinsberg (

Graduate Program Coordinator Ms. Oliva dela Cruz-Cordero (

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