Biophysics PHYS 305 - Section 201 Term 2, Jan 2020 - April 2020



       Course outline:


      This course outline is approximate; It may be modified slightly as we go along, based on our progress and your feedback.




Week 1

Diffusion in biology


Week 2

Diffusion contd.

Cell signaling


Week 3

Statistical mechanics in biology

Entropy & Free energy


Week 4

Random walks in proteins, polymers,

and DNA
Protein folding


Week 5


Model systems


Week 6

Entropy in the cell, ligand receptor binding,
Hill functions

Midterm (Feb 10)






Week 7

Chemical kinetics, reaction rates.

Week 8

Gene regulation, biological networks


Week 9

Gene regulation, biological networks

Regulatory dynamics


Week 10

Genetic networks contd.

Stochastic models of gene regulation


Week 11

Genetic switches
Biological oscillations.


Week 12

Biological patterns in space and time.

Week 13

Biological patterns in space and time contd.
Lateral inhibition; cell signaling