Research interests

In recent years I've been following three threads of developments:

1. Applications of string theory, as a model of strongly coupled quantum field theories, to the physics of QCD and of condensed matter systems.

2. Foundations of string Theory: Matrix Theory, AdS/CFT, black hole physics, time dependence in string theory.

3. Helicity amplitudes.

My research has also benefitted increasingly from the use of numerical simulations, mostly to solve systems of non-linear partial differential equations resulting from the study of Einstein equations in context relevant to holography.

I am also maintaining an interesting in statistical inference, machine learning and deep neural networks, hopefully with some applications to physics.

More detailed information can be found in my list of publications.

Coordinates : Hennings building, room 412, phone number 604- 822-3581.

Teaching:  Fall -- Physics 170, Spring -- Physics 508 (Quantum Field Theory)

Travel Schedule: March 16-20 (Santa Barbara).

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