Video Lectures

Introduction to measurement based quantum computation

Part I

Overview of measurement based quatum computation,
Cluster states - their definition and creation, review of
experiments, a bit of subject history

32 min

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Part II

The universality proof. Every quantum circuit can be efficiently
translated into measurement based quantum computation.

51 min

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Part III

Quantum computation with probabilistic heralded gates, and
how measurement-based quantum computation helps with that.

14 min

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Part IV

Fault tolerant measurement based quantum computation:
3D cluster states are inherently fault tolerant substrates;
topological implementation of fault tolerant quantum gates
by "drilling holes" into cluster states.

38 min

4th Workshop on Algebraic Structures in Quantum Computation

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss in a small setting the recent advances in our understanding of quantum computation through algebraic methods. Topics included: Quantum algorithms, Generalized stabilizer formalisms, discrete Wigner functions and SICs, Symmetry-protected topological order and computational phases of quantum matter, Contextuality and Bell-nonlocality, Quantum Bayesianism, Quantum error-correction, Models of quantum computation, Mathematical methods such as Group theory, cohomology and number theory.

ASQC4 talk videos - Click here + Abstracts + Speakers

Workshop dates: June 22 -24, 2020

Location: Zoom

Hosted by the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Scientific organizers: Cihan Okay, Robert Raussendorf (UBC Vancouver)