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Title: Feodor Lynen Research Fellowships for German Scholars (Long-Term Fellowships and Short-Term Fellowships)
Sponsor: von Humboldt Foundation, Alexander (AvH)
Sponsor Type: Private Foundation
Deadline Note: Continuous. Applications may be submitted to the AvH at any time. Applications must be submitted by October 10 for consideration at the selection commitee meeting in February, by February 10 for consideration at the meeting in June, and by June 10 for the selection commitee meeting in October.
Amount Note: Each fellowship is calculated individually and consists of a monthly basic rate and a monthly foreign service allowance, which varies according to country and marital status. If applicable, the AvH grants an additional monthly payment for married fellows and accompanying children. In addition, the AvH covers travel expenses for the fellow and for the spouse and children, provided they accompany him or her abroad for a period of at least six months. For example, an unmarried fellow conducting research in the United States will receive approximately ?2,588 to ?2,903 per month, depending on the state in which he lives. Feodor Lynen Fellowships are usually exempt from taxation.

In general, a Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship is financed on a matching funds basis. The host is expected to provide a basic financial support by contributing at least 25 to 50 percent, e.g., approximately US$700 to US$1,400 towards the stipend during the first year of the fellowship. The Feodor Lynen Program then supplements the host's contribution (e.g., salary, stipend, free housing or other contributions) up to the total amount of the Lynen stipend. In specific cases (financial situation of the host country or institution), other arrangements can be made for financial support.

The Long-Term Fellowships are initially granted for one year. A limited amount of teaching is welcome; however, a fellow should not devote the major part of his time to teaching. The fellowship may be extended on a yearly basis up to a maximum of four years, but an extension beyond the second year can only be granted in exceptional cases.

Feodor Lynen Short-Term Fellowships allow the recipient to conduct a research project totalling 9 to 18 months of research at the host institution within a timeframe of up to three years. The fellows are expected to work at the host institution 3 to 6 months per year. Not later than 6 months at the host institute, research work of a minimum of 2 months at the home institution in Germany is mandatory. Feodor Lynen Short-Term Fellowships do not include financial support for the time in Germany.

Up to 150 Feodor Lynen Research Fellowships may be awarded annually, and up to 42 JSPS Fellowships.
Eligibility: The fellowships are open to German scholars from all disciplines who have successfully completed their doctorate with excellent or very good ratings; can furnish proof of work published in recognised academic journals; can submit a research plan agreed with the host, including confirmation that research facilities can be made available; possess a good knowledge of the host country's language or at least a very good knowledge of English, provided they can carry out their research project in that language; and are younger than 38 years.

Applicants for a Feodor Lynen Fellowship who had been staying abroad for a lengthy period of time prior to submission of applications must contact the AvH before sending in their applications, as there may be formal reasons against application.
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Activity Location:
Requirements: Ph.D./M.D./Other Professional
Abstract: The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) offers, through the Feodor Lynen Programme, an opportunity to highly qualified German scholars from all academic disciplines to carry out long-term research projects (one to four years) at institutes outside Germany. The host must be a foreign scholar formerly sponsored by the foundation (research fellow or research award winner).

Applications may be submitted either on the recommendation of an academic host abroad or on the candidate's own initiative. In general, contact with host institutes should be established by candidates themselves. On request, the AvH can inform candidates whether a host is a guest-researcher sponsored by the foundation or whether a former Humboldt guest-researcher is working at the envisaged institute.

Within the Feodor Lynen Programme the Humboldt Foundation undertakes the pre-selection of German postdoctoral researchers who apply for a 12- to 24-month research fellowship offered by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) in Japan as well as the National Science Council (NSC) in Taiwan. The host does not have to be a former Humboldt guest researcher. Some application requirements for these fellowships differ in some parts from those for the Feodor Lynen Programme.
Contact Name: Marie-Theres Kessel
Contact Address: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
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Contact Country: Germany
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