This is the Master Laser table. The altar in the back is the home for the 5 grating stabilized diode lasers which produce light for laser cooling of Rb85, Rb87 and Li6 atoms.
The right rack is the Master Laser control rack. Our master current and temperature controllers are home built (Van Dongen), the piezo drivers were built by the UBC eshop, and the lock boxes were designed by Daniel Steck. On the left is the slave laser control rack. Two fiber switchers allows light any one of the 18 slaves to be sent to the diagnostics suite.
Computer control rack.
Our computer control system includes the analog output and digital output cards designed by Todd Meyrath and Florian Schreck while they were at UT, Austin.
Our computer control system includes a number of programmable, direct digital synthesizers (based on the AD 985x series by Analog Devices)
This is the Li/Rb mixed experiment waiting for its vacuum chamber.
This is the amplifier setup for the mixed Rb/Li experiment.
This is a close-up of the MAT (Miniature Atom Trap) experiment. It consists of a rubiudium magneto optic trap that is being used to test the viability of various designs for a portable cold atom vacuum system. The goal is to make a truly miniature and portable vacuum system for laser cooling experiments which will eventually serve as a platform for the construction of sensors based on laser cooled atoms.