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This course is purely online for the Fall 2020 semester


During this pandemic, the shift to online learning has greatly altered teaching and studying at UBC, including changes to health and safety considerations. Keep in mind that some UBC courses might cover topics that are censored or considered illegal by non-Canadian governments. This may include, but is not limited to, human rights, representative government, defamation, obscenity, gender or sexuality, and historical or current geopolitical controversies. If you are a student living abroad, you will be subject to the laws of your local jurisdiction, and your local authorities might limit your access to course material or take punitive action against you. UBC is strongly committed to academic freedom, but has no control over foreign authorities (please visit http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=3,33,86,0 for an articulation of the values of the University conveyed in the Senate Statement on Academic Freedom). Thus, we recognize that students will have legitimate reason to exercise caution in studying certain subjects. If you have concerns regarding your personal situation, consider postponing taking a course with manifest risks, until you are back on campus or reach out to your academic advisor to find substitute courses. For further information and support, please visit: http://academic.ubc.ca/support-resources/freedom-expression

A laboratory course with a wide choice of experiments for fourth year Honours and Major students. Topics include solid state, nuclear, classical, quantum, electromagnetic and low temperature physics. For six credits, two weekly laboratory periods and completion of a project in second term are required. The Fall term is PHYS 409A; the Spring term is PHYS 409B.

Prerequisites: PHYS 309 or 319.

Corequisites: none.

Place & Time: 5th floor of Hebb (also used by Phys 352 in the Spring term) - Mon, Wed, Fri, 2:00-5:00 PM.

Website: http://www.phas.ubc.ca/~phys409/

Status Report, Experiment 1
Literature Review, Experiment 1
Formal discussion, Experiment 110
Presentation, Experiment 120
Reduced Paper, Experiment 110
Logbook, Experiment 15
Status Report, Experiment 2
Literature Review, Experiment 2
Formal discussion, Experiment 210
Final Paper, Experiment 220
Referee reply, Experiment 210
Logbook, Experiment 25
Participation (Lit. Review, Status Update, Piazza, etc...)10

Policy: Missing your talk will result in a zero for the presentation grade. A late submission of an paper will result in the following penalty: for each day late, your recorded mark will your mark reduced by 30%. For example, you turn your paper 1 hour late. The TA marks it as an 80/100 as if the paper was turned in on time. Your recorded mark will be a 56/100. Thus, if your assignment is only partially finished, I encourage you to hand in what you have completed for partial credit. A late submission of your final paper may also result in a forfit of your paper revision marks.

Textbook: The experiments cover a variety of physical phenomena and experimental techniques. The manuals posted on the course webpage contain a list of useful references. The student is expected and encouraged to read available literature on the topic (papers, tutorials, wikis and help files).

Physics 409 is designed to be a practical introduction to how experimental physics is performed beyond the undergraduate level, whether it be in industry or within academia. Communications skills are emphasized. P409A is a first term 3 credit course in which students choose between a range of experiments including nuclear magnetic resonance, chaos, positron emission tomography, muon lifetime and many others. For each experiment the students are taught how to make a short oral presentation on scientific results and how to prepare a journal article. The lab is open Mon, Wed, Fri, 2:00-5:00 PM.

Physics 409B is a second term 3 credit course. Those students who have credit for 409A will have the opportunity to develop their own experiment or extend an exisiting experiment. In some cases, external projects in research labs are also elligible activities for PHYS409B. PHYS 409B is also available to those who were not able to take 409A in first term. For these students 409B will be similar to the first term 409A course.

Note that external projects for PHYS 409B must be fully distinct from Honours Thesis projects pursued in PHYS 449.