PHYS 107/109 and Science One Tips on File Downloading

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Some links simply point to other ".html" files which your WEB Browser can immediately display. Your Browser should also be able to display other formats such as image files in ".jpg" of ".gif". Some documents here are in Postscript, the format used by Postscript Printers. These files will have the extension ".ps" and you have a couple of options for reading and printing them. The files can be saved, either in your account on physics, or on your own computer if you are working from home. It is then possible to print them directly on a Postscript printer. For instance, on Physics you can print a hardcopy of a ".ps" file by typing the Unix command "lpr". Alternatively, you can open the file using the program Ghostview, or even have your browser configured so that it automatically opens ".ps" files with Ghostview. Another common format is Adobe's .pdf format, for which you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Just click on either of these sites if you want to download these free pieces of software for your computer.