Physics 107 - Scaling Data



In this experiment you will learn how to plot the data in a scatter plot, and also how to manipulate your graph so that the data appears as a straight line.

As a first step, gather in groups of 3 to go over the set of worked examples of plotting data that follows power laws. As you go through the examples, you are asked to give explanations along the way. Write your explanations directly on the worksheets.

Light Measurements Revisited

Now that you have learned about scaling graph data, try using this technique to display and analyze the data from you experiment on light meter readings versus difference.


Marking Scheme

Practice Exercies
4 marks for practice exercises

3 marks, for the a log-log graph with a title, labeled axes with units. The data should appear to be close to linear in the plot

3 marks for a power law scaled graph

3 marks, for writing down the correct functional form for the data, including parameters with the correct units; comment on how well it describes your data.