PHYS 107/109 and Science One - Physics Computer Lab
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You will soon be making use of the computers in the physics department and in order to do so you must register for a physics account. Before you can do this though, you need to obtain a UBC NETINFO (and CWL) account. So...


Step 1: You should already have a campus Wide Login (CWL). If you do not have one yet, visit to set up your Netinfo account.

Step 2: With your CWL login, you can use a "kiosk" computer in Hennings 203 or 205 where you can register yourself for an account in our computer labs (Hennings 203/205/312). With your new login for physics&astronomy, you automatically get your own portion of memory of the physics computers, you are able to log on to the computers in the lab and elsewhere in our network, you have a new e-mail account and address, and you can even log into the computer remotely.

Step 3: If you want to do any printing using the department's priinters, you will need to purchase a printer quota in henning 325 (the main office) at least one day in advance.