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  The SNO Group

We are working as a team with scientists from various institutions in Canada, the US and the UK within
The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

Acrylic Vessel and sphere of PMTs before water fill. Taken with fish eye lens

This picture shows the Acrylic Vessel (AV) which is the center part of the SNO detector. An array of inward looking photo multiplier tubes (PMTs) attached to a geodesic support structure surrounds the AV. This picture was taken with a fish eye lens before the detector was filled with water.

Our main interest is in the properties of fundamental particles, particularly neutrinos. We are also studying sources of neutrinos, which can be as varied as the Earth's atmosphere, the Sun and supernovae.

Group Members:

Scott Oser (PI)
Juergen Wendland

Chris Waltham
Tyron Tsui

Rich Helmer
Tudor Costin

Casey Bojechko
Alumni: Mitch Crowe, Bryce Croll, Salvador Gil, Jaret Heise, Rob Kumar, Thomas Kutter, Christian Nally, Alan Poon, Ivan Sham

.. Physics Interests:

The UBC/TRIUMF SNO group is currently involved with several areas of physics analysis:
  • day-night variations in the solar neutrino flux
  • atmospheric neutrino oscillations
  • searches for time variability (periodicities) in the solar neutrino flux
  • calibration and analysis of data from SNO's helium-3 neutral current detectors (NCDs)
  • precision measurements of solar neutrino mixing parameters and tests of the neutrino oscillation paradigm

.. Physics Results:

.. Current Status of SNO:
The SNO experiment is operating in its third and final configuration: the NCD (neutral current detector) phase.  This configuration uses an array of He-3 proportional counters in the heavy water to measure the neutral current flux from the Sun by an independent technique.  SNO will continue to collect data through 2006, and will continue to analyze data and write papers for a few years after that.

.. Help Wanted:
We have research opportunities for either M.Sc. or Ph.D. students.  For information on applying to graduate school at UBC, click here.  We also hire undergraduate coop students to work in Sudbury or at UBC through the UBC Science Coop and the NSERC USRA programs.

..   For More Information:
Visit the main SNO website, or email the UBC/TRIUMF SNO group.

Last updated May 30, 2005 by Scott Oser