Physics 157 bonus videos: These videos were requested by students in 2020. Hopefully they can be helpful for current students, however, my advice is that most of your time studying should be spent on doing practice problems; the videos should be used to supplement this when you get stuck on something!

Bonus videos (Exam question solutions are below):

Heat, Temperature change, and phase change brief review (example problem: see here)

Interference brief review

Thermal radiation brief review

Thermal expansion + Stress/strain problems with brick-in-a-tub example

PV diagrams

TS diagrams

Sample solution for finding equilibrium position and oscillation frequency with general forces.

Internal Combustion engine brief review

Brief review of refrigerators

Example exam question solutions:

Warning: You should watch these videos only after trying the questions on your own!

Exam 2010 #1 (radiation problem with helicopter)

Exam 2011 #5 (spider-man - oscillations + energy)

Exam 2012 #7 (stress and thermal expansion)

Exam 2013 #6 (damped oscillations)

Exam 2014 #6 (oscillations, air leg)

Exam 2016 #4 (pogo stick oscillations)

Exam 2016 #5 (masses, springs, energy conservation)

Exam 2016 #7 (guitar string change in freq)

Exam 2019 (old version) #13 (oscillator with springs and gas on both sides)

Exam 2019 (old version) #14c 

Exam 2018 #18 (damped oscillation on a cable)

Midterm 2, 2013 #3 (basic simple harmonic motion parameters from an acceleration graph)