Summary of Particle Physics Division (PPD) Sessions at CAP Congress University of Ottawa 1996

Guidelines for Particle Physics session speakers:

All sessions are full, so allocated times will be strictly followed.

Full program will appear in May/June issue of Physics in Canada which you will receive at registration

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  • Janis McKenna, Department of Physics, UBC
  • Chair, Particle Physics Division, CAP
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    PPD Preliminary Schedule

    Watch for updates!

    1996 Pre-Congress Meetings, Saturday-Sunday June 16

    Saturday June 15
    Room MNT 202
    18:00 Townhall Meeting I, CAP/NSERC Review of Physics, Plenary Session
    19:00 Townhall Meeting I, CAP/NSERC Review of Physics, Parallel Sessions, 4 physics groups, Particle and Nuclear Physics in Room MNT 202

    Sunday June 16
    Room MNT 201
    14:000 IPP Annual Meeting. Agenda will be distributed by IPP
    Please note change in start time

    1996 Congress Oral Sessions, Monday morning June 17

    Division PPD
    Session TitleQCD and Standard Model Physics with Hadrons
    Session Chair R.Carnegie,Carleton U
    Date: Monday, June 17, am
    Room: MRT 231
    Time Speaker Title I/C Reference
    9:30 R.S.Orr, U Toronto Proton Structure Functions from ZEUS I I-111
    10:00 S.Bhadra, York U The Many Faces of the Photon I I-?
    10:30 M. de Montigny, McGill U Production of Pairs of Leptoquarks in Hadron Colliders C C-175
    10:45 R.J.Teuscher, U Toronto Charm and Charm-strange Hadrons in ep Collisions C C-???
    11:00 Break
    11:15 K.J.Ragan, McGill U The Standard Model (and Beyond?) with CDF I I-50
    11:45 K.Kordas, McGill USearch for B-> K* gamma and rho gamma at CDF C C-42
    12:00A.Warburton, U Toronto Branching Fractions for B->psi K and B->psi K* Decays at CDF C C-194
    12:15 PPD Business Meeting

    1996 Congress Oral Sessions, Monday afternoon June 17

    Division PPD
    Session Title Precision Tests of the Standard Model
    Session Chair J.McKenna, U British Columbia
    Date: Monday, June 17, pm
    Room: MRT 231
    Time Speaker Title I/C Reference
    13:30J.L.Pinfold, U Alberta Results from LEP 1.5 I I-40
    14:00 A.Joly, U Montreal High Energy Sigma+ Recpmstruction Using pi0's with the OPAL Detector at DEL C C-91
    14:15 M.Jones, Carleton U P-wave charm Spectroscopy at OPAL CC-63
    14:30 N.Capdevielle, U Montreal Using Neural Networks with Jet Shapes to Identify b jets in e+e- Interactions C C-94
    14:45 S.Towers, Carleton U An Analysis of Tau Decays with Charged Final State Kaons C C-106
    15:00 M.Doucet, U Montreal Azimuthal Correlation in Two Photon Events C C-92
    15:15 Break
    15:30 G.Redlinger, TRIUMF Search for the Rare Decay K+ -> pi+ nu nu-bar I I-18
    16:00 J.Gascon, U Montreal e+e- Collisions above the Z0 Resonance with the OPAL Detector at LEPI I-12
    16:30 R.Tafirout, U MontrealSearch for Heavy Leptons at LEP 1.5 and LEP 2 C C-148
    16:45 C.Theoret, U MontrealFive Jet Events at LEP with the OPAL DetectorC C-??
    16:30 Women in Physics Session Begins in MNT 207

    1996 Congress Poster and Beer Session, Monday afternoon June 17, 17:00

    in Lower Concourse area of University Center

    Contributor Title Reference
    Hannes Jeremie, U Montreal Study of Four-Jet Events from Z0 Decays at LEP Using Angular Correlations and Jet-masses ??

    1996 Congress Oral Sessions, Tuesday morning June 18

    Division DTP/PPD
    Session Title Joint Session PPD/DTP
    Session Chair S.Godfrey, Carleton U
    Date: Tuesday, June 18, am
    Room: MNT 207
    Time Speaker Title I/C Reference
    9:30 P.Kalyniak, Carleton U Probing High Masses at Weak Scale Energies: Neutral Heavy Leptons I I-66
    10:00M.Gintner, Carleton U The Measurement of Tri Linear Gauge Boson Couplings at e+e- Colliders C C-54=C-62
    10:15E.Zhitnitsky, UBC Constituent Quark Model versus Nonperturbative QCD I I-35
    10:45 Break
    11:00L.Marleau, Laval USolitons in a Strongly Interacting Higgs Sector C C-193
    11:15M.M.Boyce, Carleton U Heavy Charged Lepton Production in Superstring Inspired E6 Models C C-165
    11:30L.Widrow, Queen's U Dark Matter and Large Scale Structure of the Universe I I-7
    12:00V.Zacek, U Montreal Dark Matter Search with Superheated Liquids C C-161
    12:15 DTP Business Meeting

    1996 Congress Oral Sessions, Wednesday morning June 19

    Division DNP/PPD
    Session Title Joint Session DNP/PPD
    Session Chair F.Khanna, U of ALberta
    Date: Wednesday, June 19, am
    Room: MNT 201
    Time Speaker Title I/C Reference
    9:30 D.Hutcheon, TRIUMF/UofA Experimental Tests of Chiral Pertubation Theory I I-93
    10:00H.G.Blundell Final State Interactions in gamma gamma -> pi pi C C-134
    10:15 Break
    10:30X.BaiThe Statistical Model Analysis of the Decay of Excited Quasi-Projectile in Peripheral 36Cl (30MeV/mu) C C-10=C-202
    10:45 C.A.Miller, TRIUMF/UofA HERMES: A Window on the Spin Content of the NucleonI I-97
    11:15Y.QiA New Type of MWPC with Pixel Pad Cathode Readout C C-17
    11:30B.Sur, Chalk River Nuclear Labs SNO -- The Physics Issues I I-75
    12:00 C.K.Hargrove, CRPP Sudbury Neutrino ObservatoryC C-238
    12:15 C.K.Hargrove, CRPP A Lead Astronomical Neutrino Detector: LANDC C-237
    12:30 M.Boulay et al, Laurentian U Extraction Efficiency Tests for Solar Neutrino ExperimentsC C-??

    1996 Congress Oral Sessions, Wednesday afternoon June 19

    Division PPD
    Session Title Future Experiments and Detector Development
    Session Chair R.Hemingway, Carleton U
    Date: Wednesday, June 19, pm
    Room: MNT 207
    Time Speaker Title I/C Reference
    13:30 P.Patel, McGill U Boost Beauty the BaBar Way I I-109
    14:00J.McKenna, UBCStudies of Helium Based Drift Chamber Gases C C-14
    14:15M.Lefebvre, U Victoria The Physics Discovery Potential of ATLAS at the LHC I I-27
    14:45 Break
    15:00 A.Ben El Fassi, U Montreal Search for Squarks and Gluinos at LHC C C-144
    15:15 P.Savard, U Montreal Current Physics Simulation and Detector Optimization for the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider I I-115
    15:45 I.Trigger, U Montreal Proton Damage Effects in Silicon Detectors C C-95
    16:15 Townhall Meeting II -- CAP/NSERC Review of Physics -- MNT 201

    Janis McKenna, UBC Department of Physics, updated June 9 1996.