PHYS 400/506 -- Lecture Topics

Lecture Topics Reading Material
1 Introduction to Standard Model: quarks, leptons, 4 fundamental forces, gauge bosons; composite particles: mesons, baryons, conservation laws Chapters 1&2 Griffiths, Scientific American articles
2 Ranges and relative strengths of interactions; charges/couplings: colour, weak, electric. Quark flow diagrams. Feynman diagrams Chapter 2 Griffiths, Scientific American articles
3 Feynman diagrams, anatomy of a strong interaction, running of EM and strong couplings, Quark Confinement, Grand Unification Chapter 2 Griffiths
4 Feynman Diagrams, anatomy of Weak Interactions, Quark Mixing, CKM matrix Chapter 2 Griffiths
5 Accelerators and Particle Detectors Perkins, handouts
6 Lorentz transformations, 4-vectors, Relativistic Kinematics Chapter 3 Griffiths
7 Relativistic Kinematics, examples/applications Chapter 3 Griffiths
8 Conservations Laws, Symmetries, Brief Overview of Group Theory, Spin and Orbital Angular Momenta Chapter 4 Griffiths
9 Parity, Charge Conservation, CP, CP Violation, CPT Chapter 4 Griffiths, handouts
10 Non-relativistic Bound State Systems, Schrodinger Equation, Hydrogen Atom review Chapter 5, Griffiths
11 Bound States, Quarkonium, QCD Potential Models Chapter 5 Griffiths, Scientific American Article
12 Quark Model, Meson and Baryon Masses (& a bit on Magnetic Moments) Chapter 5 Griffiths
13 Lifetimes, Cross-section, Differential Cross-section, Classical Scattering Chapter 6 Griffihs
14 Rutherford Scattering, Fermi's Golden Rule (for decays and for scattering), Phase Space Chapter 6 Griffiths
15 Lorentz Invariant Phase Space, Decay examples Fermi's Golden Rule Chapter 6, Griffiths
16 Scattering examples, Fermi's Golden Rule Chapter 6, Griffiths
17 Griffiths' Feynman Toy Model, Feynman Rules Chapter 6, Griffiths
18 Feynman Rules, Schrodinger Eqn, Klein Gordon Eqn Chapter 6 & 7, Griffiths
19 Lifetime and Scattering Examples, Dirac Equation and its Solutions Chapter 6 & 7, Griffiths
20 Solutions to Dirac Equation, Feynman Rules in QED, Examples Chapter 7, Griffiths
21 Product Rules and Trace theorems for Dirac Matrices, Examples Chapter 7, Griffiths
22 Electrodynamics of Quarks and Hadrons, Brief Overview of QCD Phenomenology Chapter 8, Griffiths
23 Weak Interactions, Purely leptonic decays (muon decay, setup and calculation of muon lifetime) Chapter 10, Griffiths
24 Weak Interactions, Heavy Quark Decay, Spectator Models Chapter 10, Griffiths, handouts
25 Weak Interactions, Neutrino physics, mixing, SNO & SuperK neutrino results Chapter 10, Griffiths, handouts

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Janis McKenna, UBC Department of Physics, December 2000