PHYS 102 -- Elementary Physics II

Electricity, Light and Radiation

Spring term, 2008

Lectures: 2-3pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Hebb Theatre
Tutorials and Labs: Tutorials and Labs start January 14. Check Vista on January 9, 2008 to look up your lab/tutorial section.
Resource/Help Center: A Resource/Help Center is currently being set up. I'll have extra office hours in the Resource Center just before each midterm and the final exam.
Professor: Janis McKenna ( email caveat: I read my email only once or twice during the day and I don't normally have time to get through all of it when I'm busy during the day. I typically read/answer email 11pm-1am. Put "PHYS 102" in your email subject header if you want high priority for your email, or phone me if you have an urgent problem (I check my phone messages 9-5.)
Phone: 822-4337
Teaching Assistants: TBA: Names, emails and schedules will be posted this week in VISTA.
UBC Calendar entry: PHYS 102
Common PHYS 102 Webpage: This is the common webpage for all four sections of PHYS 102.
Webpage for our session: (this is it - our class: PHYS 102, section 202)
Homework/Mastering Physics: (this course is "P10207W")
Vista: WEBCT Vista has replaced the older WEBCT:
I will be posting my lecture slides and course materials in Vista. My lecture notes will be posted as soon as I've finished them - usually by midnight the night before each lecture - almost always by 8am on the day of the lecture.
Office Hours: Tuesdays 4-5pm, Thursdays 1-2pm in my office, Hennings 262 If these times don't work for you, you can make an appointment to meet with me.
Resource Center: Open 5 hours/week. See hours and TAs, posted in VISTA. For additional help, drop into last half-hour of ANY scheduled PHYS 102 tutorial. See VISTA for hours (There are 10 tutorials each week). Between my office hours, Resource Center, and the last half-hour of tutorials, that's 12 hours of help/week available. And if it's 2am, try posting on the VISTA discussion board - with about 800 students in all PHYS 102 sections, there's a lot of peer discussion on the class bulletin boards.
Text: Physics for Scientists and Engineers (with Modern Physics) by Randall Knight (First Edition)
If you purchased your textbook new in the UBC bookstore within the past year, you probably bought it bundled with a student workbook, a "PRS clicker", and a Mastering Physics (MP) Access code. The MP access code is valid for a year, so if you have the textbook PRS and MP access from last term, you are set to go. If you bought a used textbook, you will have to buy a Mastering Physics access code, either from the UBC Bookstore, or direct from the Mastering Physics website. You can't buy a "used" MP access code because it is associated with a student ID number which can't be changed (but you can use it yourself for up to 3 courses) You can buy a used clicker, you must reset it with your own student ID number.
Registration Matters: Section change forms are available in the Main Office, Hennings 325. Fill out and return to Hennings 325.


Grading: 50% Final Exam
Labs 20%
PRS questions in class ("clickers") 5%
Mastering Physics Homework 5%
Tutorials 5%
Midterm Exams 15%


There will be two 50-minute Midterm Exams in class: Friday February 15 and Friday, March 28.

The Final Exam will 2.5 hours and all four PHYS 102 sections will write the same exam together at the same time. It will be scheduled by Student Services in the April 15-29 Exam Period. (Just like you, I have no say in when my final exams are scheduled.)

Tentative Course Outline

Week Topics Chapter in text
1 Administrivia, Atoms and Nuclei, Radioactivity 42
2 Radiation & Applications, Electric Charge and Forces 42, 25
3 Electric Field, Coulomb's Law 25, 26
4 Gauss' Law, Flux, Examples 27
5 Current and Conductivity 28
6 Electric Potential, Capacitance, Midterm Exam 1 29
- Spring Break
7 Potentials and Fields 30
8 DC Circuits & Analysis 31
9 Magnetic Field 32
10 Faraday's Law/Electromagnetic Induction 33
11 Electromagnetic Applications, Midterm Exam 2 33
12 DC & AC Circuits 34, 35
13 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves 34,35

I'll bring out demos and applications throughout the course

Please read corresponding sections in your text, my notes in class, tutorial problems, Student Workbook exercises and examples from lectures. Enjoy!

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Janis McKenna, UBC Department of Physics and Astronomy, January 4, 2008.