Ian Affleck

Research Activities:

My research interests include high-Tc superconductivity, low dimensional magnetism, quantum wires, quantum dots, topological materials and Majorana fermions.  I began my research career in high energy theory and often apply techniques from this field to condensed matter problems.  For instance, I showed how conformal field theory, one of the building blocks of string theory, can be applied to experimentally relevant problems involving low dimensional magnetism and impurities in metals.

All my papers since 1994 are available on the preprint archive.

Current Research Group:
Alberto Nocera, research associate, many body numerical techniques (hired by QMI)
Stephan Plugge, post-doc (joint with Marcel Franz and Robert Raussendorf)
Wang Yang, post-doc
Kyle Wamer, PhD student
Mobin Shakeri, MSC student
Samuel Gozel, PhD student at EPFL (cosupervised with Frederic Mila)

Contact Information:
email: iaffleckATphasDOTubcDOTca
Office: Hennings 406
Phone: 604-822-2137
Fax: 604-822-5324
Mailing Address: Department of Physics & Astronomy,
University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6T 1Z1

Research supported in part by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and UBC Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute.