Neutron Rich Matter at Subnuclear Densities in Neutron Stars and Supernovae

Charles J Horowitz

Indiana University


The virial expansion is used to make model independent determinations of the composition, equation of state, and neutrino response of nuclear matter at densities near 1011 to 1013 g cm-3. Experimental nucleon-nucleon, alpha-nucleon, and alpha-alpha scattering phase shifts are used as input. We compare to existing model dependent equations of state such as Lattimer-Swesty and Shen. Our virial expansion corrects nuclear statistical equilibrium (NSE) models for the strong interactions between nuclei and or nucleons. Next, properties of the complex “nuclear pasta” phases in the inner crust of neutron stars are determined with large scale molecular dynamics simulations. Finally, we present an update of the Parity Radius Experiment (PREX) to measure the neutron skin in 208Pb. This has many implications for neutron stars.


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