Recent students

Jaden Wang
Jaden Wang: A machine learning tool to distinguish photon conversion from dark rho decays
Vanshika Sharma
Vanshika Sharma: Search for a dark photon decaying to muons at Belle II
Miho Wakai
Miho Wakai: Search for dark showers
Sietske de
Sietske de Keijzer: Study of low-mass axion-like particles using photon conversions
Daniel Crook
Daniel Crook: Search for the dark photon at Belle II
Peter Quigley
Peter Quigley: Two-photon-fusion production of Axion-Like-Particles

Kelton Whiteaker: Reconstructing Merged Two-Photon Decays in the Belle II Detector Reconstructing Merged Two-Photon Decays in the Belle II Detector

Layla Haddad: Belle II photon identification using a boosted-decision tree
Weidi Sun
Weidi Sun: Study of cosmic ray backgrounds in Belle II dark photon search
Miho Wakai
Miho Wakai: Search for axion-like particles at Belle II
Alon Hershenhorn: Search for axion-like particles at BaBar
Chelsea Dunning
Chelsea Dunning: Stability of photopentode and preamplifier; studies of optical connections
Eddie Ji
Eddie Ji: Uniformity and time structure of pure CsI crystals
Derek Fujimoto: Construction and tests of a CsI calorimeter prototype

Jean-Francois Caron: Improving drift chamber performance using cluster counting.

Rocky So Rocky So: Inclusive measurement of Upsilon(1S) production  at the Upsilon(4S);
Search for a light Higgs in radiative decays of the Upsilon(3S). Super-B drift chamber aging studies.
Sebastien Picard
Sebastien Picard: T2K TPC assembly and quality control
Erin O'Sullivan Erin O'Sullivan: T2K TPC Module 0 construction
Casey Bojechko
                thumbs up
Casey Bojechko: Search for the baryon-number violating decay tau --> p h h;
laser calibration system for T2K TPC
Ande Pant
Andre Pant: T2K TPC detector development
Grant McGregor - Banquet
Grant McGregor: Development of new B Counting techniques
Bryan Fulsom
Bryan Fulsom: Commissioning of new muon system; Search for radiative decays of new Charmonium states
Sheila Mclachlin (McGill): Search for B0 --> Jpsi Gamma
Maxime Brodeur
Maxime Brodeur: B-Counting for the BaBar run 3 data set
Frank Berghaus
Frank Berghaus: B-Counting for the BaBar run 2 data set
Nasim - image Nasim Boustani: Detector response studies using the phi gamma control sample
                - image Marko Milek: (PhD at McGill): Charmonium production at BaBar
Dan - image Dan Giang:  Search for the rare decay B --> K nu nu-bar
Marie-Helene Genest
Marie-Helene Genest: Determination of the number of Upsilon(4S) mesons in the BaBar run1 data

James Griffiths: Selection of two-photon-produced muons pairs as a muon-identification control sample
Angela - image Angela O'Neill: Non-flammable gases for the BaBar drift chamber
Robin - image Robin Stoodley: Drift chamber assembly
Wesley - image Wesley Philip Wong: Development of drift chamber assembly techniques