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Michael Hasinoff, Professor

B.Sc. (Hons.), Manitoba (65)
Woodrow Wilson Fellowship(65)
M.Sc.,Ph.D., Stanford (66,70)
Research Associate, Univ. of Washington (70-71)
UBC Killam Faculty Research Fellow (87)
NSERC Exchange Fellow, Germany(87,95), Switzerland (87,90)
Visiting Professor--Univ. of Tokyo(95), Technische Univ. Muenchen(95)
J.S.P.S. Exchange Fellow--Tokyo(96)
Visiting Professor--Science Univ. of Tokyo(97)
Centre of Excellence Fellow--Nat Lab for H.E. Physics-Japan(00)
Visiting Professor--CERN/Darmstadt(01)
CERN Scientific Associate(02)
Visiting Professor--CERN(03)
Visiting Professor--KEK/J-PARC, Japan(06)

Research Interests

My research interests are now mostly directed towards a search for non-Standard Model physics in precision studies of muon decay at TRIUMF and kaon decay at the National Laboratory for High Energy Physics (KEK) in Japan.

Over the past several years my TRIUMF program has been concentrated on studies of the semi-leptonic weak interaction. For this purpose, we constructed a cylindrical pair spectrometer using a large volume drift chamber and performed several radiative muon capture experiments at TRIUMF. This RMC program is now finished but we have continued to use this spectrometer for studies of the pion form factor and low energy tests of QCD in the rare pion reactions $\pi^-$ p $\rightarrow e^+e^-$n and $\pi^-$$\rightarrow \gamma
\gamma$ n.

I am also involved in a new high precision $\mu$-decay experiment at TRIUMF which has accumulated more than 10$^9 \mu$-decay events to search for new physics beyond the highly successful "Standard Model". Earlier studies of this decay have been able to set a lower limit on the mass of any right-handed vector boson ( MR ) to be more than 600 GeV, higher than accelerator based experiments can now reach.

My off-site Kaon physics work involves a study of CP- or T-Violation in K+ decay. At KEK we have completed a measurement of  T-Violation in Kaon Decay, K$^+\rightarrow \pi^0 \mu^+ \nu_{\mu}$ decay in E246, an  international collaboration involving about 30 physicists from Canada, Japan, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, and the USA. For this experiment we constructed a scintillating fibre target and a cylindrical drift chamber at TRIUMF. We are now embarked on an upgrade of this T-violation experiment which has been approved with high priority for J-PARC, the new high-intensity proton accelerator currently under construction in Tokai, Japan, 

Selected Publications

1.       “Apparatus for a Search for T-Violating Muon Polarization in Stopped Kaon Decays”,
(KEK-246 collab) M. Abe et al.,  Nucl. Inst. & Meth. A506 (2003) 60-91.

2.       “Search for Exotic Baryons in Double Radiative Capture on Pionic Hydrogen”, P.A. 
Zolnierczuk, D.S. Armstrong, E. Christy, J.H.D. Clark, T.P. Gorringe, M.D. Hasinoff,
 M.A. Kovash, S. Tripathi, D.H. Wright,   Phys. Lett.
B597  (2004) 131-138.

3.        “Measurement of the Michel Parameter rho in Muon Decay”, J.R. Musser et al.,

        Phys. Rev. Lett.  94 (2005) 101805.

4.        “Measurement of the Muon Decay Parameter delta”, A. Gaponenko et al, 
         Phys. Rev. D71 (2005) 071101(R).

5.        “First results from the CERN Axion Solar Telescope (CAST)”, 

        S. Andriamonje et al, Phys. Rev. Lett.  94 (2005) 121301.

6.     “Ortho-para transition in mu molecular hydrogen and the proton’s induced pseudoscalar coupling gp “,  J.H.D. Clark et al.,   Phys. Rev. Lett.  96 (2006) 073401.

7.            “Measurement of K$^+\rightarrow \pi^0 \mu^+ \nu_{\mu}$  decay using Stopped Kaons”, 

          ( KEK-470 collab )  S. Shimuzu et al.,  Phys. Lett.  B633 (2006) 190-194.

8.          “Search for T-Violating transverse muon polarization in  K$^+\rightarrow \pi^0 \mu^+ \nu_{\mu}$ decay”,

         M. Abe et al.,  Phys. Rev. D73  (2006) 072005.

9.            “Measurement of P_mu xi in Polarized Muon Decay”, Blair Jamieson et al., 

          Phys. Rev.  D74  (2006) 072007.

10.      “Double radiative pion capture and the nucleon’s pion cloud”, S. Tripathi,
Armstrong, M.E. Christy, J.H.D.  Clark, T.P. Gorringe, M.D. Hasinoff,
          M.A. Kovash, D.H. Wright, P.A. Zolnierczuk, Phys. Rev. C75 (2007) 064603.

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Mike Hasinoff