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Files associated with HERMES Data Reduction at UBC.

slide_1.png .. is a composit image of Goods North. The SPIRE camera has three arrays operating at different wavelengths and the image from each of these is rendered in red, blue or green. Then the three images are combined to form a single flase colour image.

ESAC_Marsden_091209.noann.jpg is the same slide without annotation.

HerMes_first_images... is the European press release

ed_gaelen.jpg is a photograph of Dr. Ed Chapin and Dr. Gaelen Marsden in Antarctica. (Dr. Marsden at right.) (Photo: Mark Halpern) Marsden, Chapin and Halpern were in Antarctica in 2006 to fly BLAST, a scientific and technical prototype of SPIRE and Herschel.

P1000837.JPGis the same photo of Chapin and Marsden at high resolution.