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  ASTR 310, Sept-Dec 2023

ASTR 310, Sept-Dec 2023

Instructor for Sep - Dec 2023 :

Professor Brett Gladman --> My web page
Tel: (604) 822-6244
      email: gladman'at'astro.ubc.ca (substitute @ for 'at')
The course has in-person instruction: Lectures MWF 10:00 AM in Hebb B112.

OFFICE HOURS Professor : In Hennings 300B
Mon Sep 18 12:30-1:30
Thu Sep 21 11:00-11:50
You can email me to arrange an appointment outside of these hours, or email a TA (email addresses below)

"...some of the highest student evaluations in the Faculty of Science in 2019..." (Dean, UBC Faculty of Science).
"Prof Gladman has designed a course that enables one to process a large amount of material, and still do well." (Student, RateMyProfessor).

ASTR 310, Cumulative Course Syllabus AND READINGS (Sept-Dec 2023).

                        NOTE: The format x.y means chapter X, section Y

#  Date    Lecture Topic                                    Pages or Chapter.Section
-- ------  -----------------------------------------     ---------------------------
1  Sep  6  Course logistics, systems of units            Sect 1.1 (to end of Basic Astronomical Definitions), 1.3(stop at start of 'Motion within the Milky Way Galaxy')
2  Sep  8  The local sky and celestial sphere            Chpt 2 Intro and Sect 2.1 (skip Matehmatical Insight 2.1 and its examples)

3  Sep 11  The paths of stars; diurnal cycle             Sect S1.2 (skipping boxes on SolarDays/Analemma and Math Insight S1.2)
4  Sep 13  Motion of Sun across the sky                  Section S1.2 again.
5  Sep 15  Seasons. Precession                           Section 2.2

6  Sep 18  Time-keeping and calendars                    Section 3.1, S1.1 (skip Math Insight S1.1)
7  Sep 20  Time zones. Scale and angular measure.        S1.3. Also: Sect 2.1's Math Insight 2.1 + review parag "Angular Size and Distances).
8  Sep 22  Distance scale and lunar phases.              Sect 2.3 (up to but NOT including eclipses). PLUS Special Topic box 'Eratosthenes...' in Sect 3.2.

9  Sep 25  More Lunar phases.                            Sect 2.3 AGAIN (up to but NOT including eclipses)

The readings are to be completed BEFORE the corresponding lecture; you then must do the reading assignment posted on:
Pearson Mastering
to answer questions related to those readings.
Username is a310 (case sensitive). PASSWORD will be given out in class and is also on the course CANVAS page.



This link gives the: DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS
on how to sign up for Mastering Astronomy. FOLLOW THESE CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY please, and only AFTER attending your first class.

AFTER you have purchased, you may wish to access the eText on a mobile device (iOS or Android); instructions are at Mobile Device Apps.
(This is an additional way to have eText access, it will not affect your browser access to the text.) The prof thinks that if you bus commute a lot, this is an easy way to do readings while traveling.


Tutorials will run roughly every other week. In fall 2023, the tutorials will occur on:
Sept 13, 18, 19
Sept 25, 26, 27
Oct 10-12 ; the MONDAY tutorial occurs on THURSDAY that week
Nov 5, 6, 7
Nov 20, 21, 22
Dec 4, 5, 6

Tutorial Section Listing

Day        PDT   Section   
---------------  -------  
Monday    11:00    T1A   
Tuesday   14:00	   T1C   
Wednesday 14:00	   T1B   

TA contact information

If you will miss your tutorial, contact your TA ahead of time.

David Miller :       drmiller@phas.ubc.ca  
Simone Hagey :     shagey@phas.ubc.ca  



Mastering Identity form (1 page) in PDF format (pink handout from first day of class). If you print another copy from here, ignore the incorrect (old) dates.

ASTR 310 policies are available Policies link .

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