Welcome to my reconstructed site relating mostly to Physics, Taijiquan and Guqin

My interests include physics and the use of NMR and msr techniques to study electronic properties of metals), martial arts(primarily Yang style taijiquan and Hsing I under the tutelage of Grand Master Raymond Chung  since 1968). I also teach Yang style tai chi for health and self defense at UBC when the interest is there.. My interest in the guqin has been only since 1993. I have read that it would take probably about 10 years to become proficient in the playing of this instrument and I have concluded that if I practiced more, that opinion is not far from the truth. Mostly I am playing tunes from tablature in various chinpus (handbooks that also provide insight to fingering techniques). I get further insight from my interaction with proficient players who I meet from time to time in my travels both virtual and actual. The web site of John Thompson provides considerable insight to this instrument and its music. Recently I have become interested in the "physics" of the guqin.

    For information about tai chi chuan instruction at beginning and more advanced levels use the below email address.