Jim Carolan, Professor

A.B., Princeton (62); Ph.D., Maryland (69)
Postdoctoral, UBC (68-70)
Lecturer, UBC (70-71)
Visiting Prof., Nijmegen (76-77)

Research Interests

In the field of condensed matter physics, there has been intense interest in exploring the nature of 1 and 2 dimensional physics using materials with extreme anisotropy. I have been interested for many years in the properties of materials with anisotropy particularly in the electronic properties. Since 1987 my interest has been primarily devoted to the new high temperature superconductors. These materials in general are very anisotropic and the superconductivity in the copper based materials is believed to be critically dependent on this anisotropy.

 There has been a large group of people at UBC interested in these materials. Currently most of my own work is in collaboration with Doug Bonn and Walter Hardy and the focus of our work has been on the properties of single crystals and thin films. In my lab the concentration has been on the measurement of magnetic susceptibility and magneto-optical flux imaging, as well as specific heat and electrical conductivity.

Selected Publications

Gardner, M.W., Govorkov, S.A., Liang, R., Bonn, D.A., Carolan, J.F., and Hardy, W.N. "Observation of a Geometric Barrier in YBa2Cu3O6.25 Single Crystals", J. Appl. Phys. 83, 3714-19 (1998).

Wong, Andre, Liang, Ruixing, Badaye, M., Carolan, J.F., Hardy, W.N., Hong, S.H., Ma, Q.Y., "Stability of Magnesium Implanted Yba2Cu3O7 Thin Films", Appl. Phys.Lett. 71, 3709-3711 (1996).

Wong, A., Kulpa, A., Ruixing Liang, Dosanjh, P., Carolan, J.F., Hardy, W.N., Kato, H., Jaeger, N.A.F. and May Q.Y., "Deoxygenation of YBCO Thin Films by Reactive Ion Implantation", IEEE Transaction on Applied Superconductivity, 7, 2134-2137 (1997).

Liang, R., Dosanjh, P., Bonn, D., Baar, D.J., Carolan, J.F., and Hardy, W.N., "Growth and Properties of Superconducting YBCO Single Crystals", Physica C 195, 51-58 (1992).