Birger Bergersen, Professor Emeritus

Sivilingeniřr, Univ. Trondheim (62)
Ph.D., Brandeis Univ. (64)
Norwegian Science Foundation Fellow, Trondheim (65-67)
NORDITA Fellow, Göteborg (67-69)
Post Doctoral Fellow, McMaster  (69-72)

Research Interests:

My research aims to clarify basic questions in statistical mechanics by studying simple model systems, which are realistic enough that essential features can be brought to light. The current focus of my studies is steady state non-equilibrium phenomena. Computer simulations combined with analytical methods such as renormalization group and mean field theories are my main tools, and all of my current research projects involve interdisciplinary studies. Current projects also involves a critique of  some standard economics models based  a faulty understanding of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.


Work in progress



Birger Bergersen: Statistical mechanics of risk, utility and equilibrium; Analogies between economics and statistical physics.


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Recent Theses supervised

Greg Lakatos, Transport and structure in nanoscale systems, Ph.D. Thesis 2006 (co-supervisor Gren Patey, Chemistry).

Mya Warren, Electronic and Structural effects on the electrochemistry of polypyrrol, MSc thesis  2005 (main supervisor John Madden, Electrical and Computer Engineering). PDF version.

Margarit Ifti, Scaling survival and extinction in many species system, Ph.D thesis UBC 2003. PDF version, Postscript version.

Michael D. Mitton, Agent inactivity in the evolutionary minority game, Masters thesis UBC, 2001

Timothy L. Duty, Spontaneous symmetry breaking and critical phenomena in the stepping stone model of population genetics, Ph. D thesis UBC 2000. PDF version.

Hendrik J. Blok. , On the nature of the stock market: simulations and experiment, Ph.D. thesis UBC, 2000. cond-mat/0010211

Daniel Groleau, Study of the scaling and temporal properties of a simplified earthquake model, Ph.D. thesis UBC 1997.

Selected Publications:

Statistical mechanics of utility and equilibrium: Analogies between economics and statistical physicsPhysics in Canada 65 #4 205 (2009).

"Equilibrium Statistical Physics"  3rd Ed. World Scientific xivi+620 pp, (2006).
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