The University of British Columbia
Department of Physics and Astronomy

NSERC undergraduate student research awards 2005

These awards enable undergraduate students to spend the summer months working with an active research group. The normal duration of the award is 16 consecutive weeks (minimum duration is 12 weeks). The students acquire valuable research experience while interacting with professors, postdoctoral fellows and other graduate and undergraduate students. Here you can find comments about their experiences, from some of the undergraduate students who did summer research at UBC in previous years.

Applications must be received at the UBC Physics and Astronomy Department by JANUARY 31, 2005. The official form (NSERC Form 202 Part I) is available on the NSERC website, Besides this form, your application should also include:

  • official transcripts
  • a CV
  • a personal statement indicating your research interests and the names of three UBC faculty you would be most interested in working with during the summer. Some of the proposed research projects are listed here. The list is not complete. If you are interested in working with a UBC faculty not on the list, feel free to contact them by e-mail to find whether they are planning to offer summer research projects. Information on the research being carried out at UBC can be found on the departmental web site,
  • at least one letter of reference from a faculty member of your home institution or supervisor in a previous job (or volunteer activity). This letter may be sent directly to us by email, or in a sealed envelope accompanying the application.
Applications should be sent to:

Undergraduate Office c/o Mabel Ng
UBC, Department of Physics and Astronomy
6224 Agricultural Road
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6T 1Z1
Tel: (604) 822-2472

Please visit and follow the link "NSERC Research Awards" or contact the above address for further information.

Eligibility:To apply you should be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident completing the 2ndor higher year of an undergraduate physics/astronomy/engineering physics program. You should have obtained a cumulative average of at least B+ over the previous years of university study.

$2,200 per month upon completion of 4th or 5th year
$2,100 per month upon completion of 3rd year
$2,000 per month upon completion of 2nd year.

NSERC generally also covers travel expenses for the two-way trip to and from your home university.