Title Year of Publication
Unexpected distribution of nu 1 f(7/2) strength in Ca-49 2017
Determination of the neutron-capture rate of C-17 for r-process nucleosynthesis 2017
Doppler-shift attenuation lifetime measurement of the Ar-36 2(1)(+) level 2017
Study of bound states in Be-10 by one neutron removal reactions of Be-11 2017
Measurement of the drift velocity and transverse diffusion of electrons in liquid xenon with the EXO-200 detector 2017
Implementation of the Doppler shift attenuation method using TIP/TIGRESS at TRIUMF: Fusion-evaporation lifetime measurements in Ne-22 2017
Nuclear Force Imprints Revealed on the Elastic Scattering of Protons with C-10 2017
Coulomb breakup of neutron-rich Na-29,Na-30 isotopes near the island of inversion 2017
Recoil distance method lifetime measurement of the 2(1)(+) state in Sr-94 and implications for the structure of neutron-rich Sr isotopes 2017
Direct experimental evidence for a multiparticle-hole ground state configuration of deformed Mg-33 2016
Investigation of the role of Li-10 resonances in the halo structure of Li-11 through the Li-11(p, d)Li-10 transfer reaction 2016
An optimal energy estimator to reduce correlated noise for the EXO-200 light readout 2016
SPectrometer for Internal Conversion Electrons (SPICE) at TRIUMF-ISAC 2016
Systematic investigation of projectile fragmentation using beams of unstable B and C isotopes 2016
Search for 2 nu beta beta decay of Xe-136 to the 0(1)(+) excited state of Ba-136 with the EXO-200 liquid xenon detector 2016
Observation of a large beta-delayed neutron emission component in Rb-102 decay and identification of excited states in Sr-102 2016
First search for Lorentz and CPT violation in double beta decay with EXO-200 2016
The TRIUMF-ISAC facility: two decades of discovery with rare isotope beams 2016
Development of a new RFQ beam cooler and buncher for the CANREB project at TRIUMF 2016
Half-lives of neutron-rich Cd128-130 2016
Shape coexistence and evolution in Sr-98 2016
Spectroscopy of Ar-46 by the (t, p) two-neutron transfer reaction 2016
Statistical hadronization model analysis of hadron yields in p plus Nb and Ar plus KCl at SIS18 energies 2016
New Isotopes and Proton Emitters-Crossing the Drip Line in the Vicinity of Sn-100 2016
Nuclear astrophysics with radioactive ions at FAIR 2016
Coulomb dissociation of N-20,N-21 2016
Study of the quasi-free np -> np pi(+)pi(-) reaction with a deuterium beam at 1.25 GeV/nucleon 2015
Experimental study of the Ni-66(d, p) Ni-67 one-neutron transfer reaction 2015
Nuclear structure of Si-37,Si-38 investigated by decay spectroscopy of Al-37,Al-38 2015
Digital Rise-Time Discrimination of Pulses from the TIGRESS Integrated Plunger Silicon PIN Diode Wall 2015
Evidence of Soft Dipole Resonance in Li-11 with Isoscalar Character 2015
Spectroscopy of Ba and Ba+ deposits in solid xenon for barium tagging in nEXO 2015
New Opportunities in Decay Spectroscopy with the GRIFFIN and DESCANT Arrays 2015
Subthreshold Xi(-) Production in Collisions of p(3.5 GeV) + Nb 2015
Single-neutron orbits near Ni-78: Spectroscopy of the N=49 isotope Zn-79 2015
An RF-only ion-funnel for extraction from high-pressure gases 2015
Partial wave analysis of the reaction p(3.5 GeV) + p -> pK(+) Lambda to search for the "ppK(-)" bound state 2015
K*(892)(+) production in proton-proton collisions at E-beam=3.5 GeV 2015
Study of the deformation-driving nu d(5/2) orbital in Ni-67(28)39 using one-neutron transfer reactions 2014
Coulomb excitation of Na-29,Na-30: Mapping the borders of the island of inversion 2014
Baryon resonance production and dielectron decays in proton-proton collisions at 3.5 GeV 2014
Searching a dark photon with HADES 2014
High-spin states in Te-124 2014
An apparatus to manipulate and identify individual Ba ions from bulk liquid Xe 2014
Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich Cd isotopes 2014
The TIGRESS Integrated Plunger ancillary systems for electromagnetic transition rate studies at TRIUMF 2014
Thermonuclear reaction S-30(p,gamma)Cl-31 studied via Coulomb breakup of Cl-31 2014
B-13,B-14(n,gamma) via Coulomb Dissociation for Nucleosynthesis towards the r-Process 2014
DESCANT and beta-delayed neutron measurements at TRIUMF 2014
Lambda hyperon production and polarization in collisions of p(3.5 GeV)+Nb 2014
Shape Coexistence in the Neutron- Deficient Even-Even Hg182-188 Isotopes Studied via Coulomb Excitation 2014
Isotopic S-32/S-33 ratio as a diagnostic of presolar grains from novae 2014
Medium effects in proton-induced K-0 production at 3.5 GeV 2014
Associate K-0 production in p plus p collisions at 3.5 GeV: The role of Delta(1232)(++) 2014
CALIFA, a Dedicated Calorimeter for the (RB)-B-3/FAIR 2014
Measurement of the Dipole Polarizability of the Unstable Neutron-Rich Nucleus Ni-68 2013
Baryonic resonances close to the (K)over-barN threshold: The case of Lambda (1405) in pp collisions 2013
Inclusive pion and eta production in p plus Nb collisions at 3.5 GeV beam energy 2013
Medium-spin states in Cs-135 2013
An upper limit on hypertriton production in collisions of Ar(1.76 A GeV) + KCl 2013
Evidence for the existence of the astrophysically important 6.40-MeV state of S-31 2013
Shape dynamics in neutron-rich Kr isotopes: Coulomb excitation of Kr-92, Kr-94 and Kr-96 2013
Experimental study of bound states in Be-12 through low-energy Be-11(d,p)-transfer reactions 2013
The Miniball spectrometer 2013
Excited 0(+) states in Zn-62 populated via the Zn-64(p,t)Zn-62 reaction 2013
Experimental Zn-64((d)over-right-arrow, t)Zn-63 spectroscopic factors: Guidance for isospin-symmetry-breaking calculations 2013
Position sensitive measurement of lithium traces in brain tissue with neutrons 2013
Collective nature of low-lying excitations in Zn-70,Zn-72,Zn-74 from lifetime measurements using the AGATA spectrometer demonstrator 2013
RPID - A new digital particle identification algorithm for CsI(Tl) scintillators 2013
Measurement of the Dipole Polarizability of the Unstable Neutron-Rich Nucleus Ni-68 2013
Beyond the neutron drip line: The unbound oxygen isotopes O-25 and O-26 2013
Deep sub-threshold K*(892)(0) production in collisions of Ar + KCl at 1.76A GeV 2013
Baryonic resonances close to the (K)over-bar N threshold: The case of Sigma(1385)(+) in pp collisions 2012
One-neutron knockout from Sc51-55 2012
Influence of the np interaction on the beta decay of Pd-94 2012
Structure of the pygmy dipole resonance in Sn-124 2012
States built on the 9/2(+) isomers in Y-91,Y-93 2012
First measurement of proton-induced low-momentum dielectron radiation off cold nuclear matter 2012
Well Developed Deformation in Si-42 2012
Inclusive dielectron spectra in p plus p collisions at 3.5 GeV kinetic beam energy 2012
AGATA-Advanced GAmma Tracking Array 2012
Evidence for a Smooth Onset of Deformation in the Neutron-Rich Kr Isotopes 2012
The HADES-at-FAIR project 2012
Prolate shape of Ba-140 from a first combined Doppler-shift and Coulomb-excitation measurement at the REX-ISOLDE facility 2012
One-neutron removal reactions on Al isotopes around the N=20 shell closure 2012
Superallowed Gamow-Teller decay of the doubly magic nucleus Sn-100 2012
Triaxial deformation and nuclear shape transition in Au-192 2012
T-REX A new setup for transfer experiments at REX-ISOLDE 2012
Excited states of the Pm-150 odd-odd nucleus 2012
Gamma-ray measurements in the one-neutron knockout of C-17, N-19, O-21 and F-25 2012
Cosmogenic backgrounds to 0 nu beta beta in EXO-200 2016
Production of Sigma(+/-)pi(-/+)pK(+) in p plus p reactions at 3.5 GeV beam energy 2012