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Undergrad How to Apply

For UBC Students:
For Non-UBC Students

Non-UBC students interested in PHAS undergraduate programs are required to apply to UBC to be admitted to the faculty first. Please consult the UBC Science Website (http://science.ubc.ca/future) and UBC Applied Science Website (https://engineering.ubc.ca/admissions/undergraduate).

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First Year Physics Courses Map (https://phas.ubc.ca/undergrad-first-year-guide#FirstYearRoadMap)

Science Degree Programs

The Faculty of Science runs a coordinated application process for students entering second-year specializations, which is normally open in June of each year. You must have completed all first-year courses required for admission by the end of current winter session for any specialization to which you wish to apply through this application process. Detailed specialization admission requirements can be found on Science website (http://www.science.ubc.ca/students/degree/apply/req).

If you are completing one or more of the required first-year courses in summer session, you may apply to the department directly after completion of the course(s). However, UBC Science students with second-year standing or above have to be in a specialization (e.g., a Major) before being able to register (http://students.ubc.ca/enrolment/courses/registration). Therefore you should still participate in the online application process and select a different specialization that you qualify for in June, and then apply to the department after completing the requirements at the end of summer session (August).

You may also apply to the department if:

  • you are transferring to UBC Science in year 2 or 3 but not eligible to take part in the online application process, or
  • you are currently a UBC Science student in year 2 or 3 with a different specialization but you are interested in switching over to one of our specializations.

To apply, please contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator via email at ug-coord@phas.ubc.ca and include your student number in your email.

If you are currently in another faculty of UBC, please first consult the Faculty of Science Science Information Centre (https://science.ubc.ca/students/advising) to determine the possibility of transferring to Science.

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Degree Programs Offered

The first nine of the following PHAS undergraduate program specializations are included in the Science Second Year Specialization Application process.

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Engineering Physics Program (BASc)

For information regarding the Engineering Physics Program and admission requirements, please visit the Engineering Physics Program Website (http://www.engphys.ubc.ca/prospective-students/admissions/).

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