Encrypting PCs with McAfee Management Console

Windows PC Backup and Encryption Service Provided by PHAS-IT

Encrypting PCs with McAfee Management Console

The PHAS-IT staff will install software on your PC that will enable disk encryption and store the recovery key on a central server managed by UBC IT Services.

Encryption Choice

Your encryption choice will be determined by the current OS installed on your laptop. If feasible, we recommend upgrading your OS to Windows 8.1 Enterprise as that will allow the use of the built-in BitLocker encryption software.
  • Windows 7 Home/Pro - McAfee Native Encryption
  • Windows 7 Enterprise - McAfee Native Encryption
  • Windows 8/8.1 - Bitlocker will be enabled through the McAfee Console

Important Notices

  • Prior to encrypting, please backup all important data files. We will also make a backup image of your laptop to restore in the event the encryption process fails.
  • There is a small chance that data loss or corruption can occur if a disk error happens during the encryption procedure.


  1. Create a temporary admin account on computer.
  2. Create a backup image of your hard drive files.
  3. Upgrade the OS to Windows 8.1 Enterprise (if necessary).
  4. Run a disk check prior to McAfee software agent installation to ensure that there are no disk problems.
  5. Install McAfee client software.
  6. Choose pre-boot password.
  7. Reboot. If agent does not begin encryption, reboot again.
  8. If status message shows the disk encrypting, then laptop will complete the disk encryption in the background.
  9. Test laptop and report any application issues experienced out of the ordinary to sysadmin@phas.ubc.ca.

Source URL: https://phas.ubc.ca/encrypting-pcs-mcafee-management-console