Solute-defect interactions in Al-Mg alloys from diffusive variational Gaussian calculations

Publication Type
Journal Article
Year of Publication
Dontsova, E.
Sinclair, C. W.
Name of Publication
Physical Review B

Resolving atomic-scale defect topologies and energetics with accurate atomistic interaction models provides access to the nonlinear phenomena inherent at atomic length and time scales. Coarse graining the dynamics of such simulations to look at the migration of, e.g., solute atoms, while retaining the rich atomic-scale detail required to properly describe defects, is a particular challenge. In this paper, we present an adaptation of the recently developed “diffusive molecular dynamics” model to describe the energetics and kinetics of binary alloys on diffusive time scales. The potential of the technique is illustrated by applying it to the classic problems of solute segregation to a planar boundary (stacking fault) and edge dislocation in the Al-Mg system. Our approach provides fully dynamical solutions in situations with an evolving energy landscape in a computationally efficient way, where atomistic kinetic Monte Carlo simulations are difficult or impractical to perform.

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