Social Media (

The Department maintains a presence on the following Social Media sites. Registation at the sites is required.

Facebook ( The department maintains this page to share information about upcoming events, news from the department, as well as publications of latest research with the general public. If you have friends and family who are interested in attending public events organized by the department, or simply learning more about what's happening within the department, please feel free to invite them to "like" this page.

LinkedIn ( The purpose of this group is to facilitate communications and networking among our alumni, and between the Department administration, faculty members, alumni, and current students. Membership is restricted and the Communications Coordinator (Theresa Liao) reviews all the membership requests. Students should provide some info that will allow validation as a student in the dept (such as your student number or your full name on your student record). In the future it is hoped that information about alumni events and if available, potential job opportunities will be posted. This is a great way to make sure that you stay in touch even after you graduate.

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