Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics

The Atomic, Molecular & Optical (AMO) group at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UBC carries out research in both theoretical and experimental AMO science. Members of the group collaborate closely with local co-workers from the Departments of Chemistry, Electrical Engineering and TRIUMF (Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics), as well as with numerous colleagues around the world.

AMO physics is focused on understanding the interactions of atoms and molecules with one another and with external electro-magnetic fields.

Experiments and theory developed within this area of science have made contact with and an impact upon almost all domains of physics - from fundamental quantum theory to the fundamental symmetries of physical law, quantum measurement, cosmology, condensed matter physics, particle physics, biophysics, medical physics, astrophysics, plasmas physics and applied physics. The field is rapidly expanding and serves as the basis for many modern technological innovations.

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