Outgoing Mail

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing Mail Server
Port Conn Security Auth Method
465 SSL/TLS Normal password
587 STARTTLS Normal password

The local mail client should be configured to send outgoing to the department's Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) smtp.phas.ubc.ca. This mail server will only accept secure protocols ( TLS or SSL) and will ask for authentication using your phas username/password. These protocols allow one to safely send email through the department's MTA from any internet connected site. (assuming of course that the machine on which you are running the mail client has not been compromised)

All outgoing email will be scanned for viruses. When a virus is detected a rejection message will be sent to the sender.

Notes on protocols terms;
TLS (Transport Layer Security) & its predecessor SSL (Secure Socket Layer) are basically the same thing
SPA (Secure Password Authentication) is a proprietary Microsoft protocol & is NOT the same as TLS/SSL - do NOT use.

Notes on individual clients:

  • Thunderbird: uses "TLS/SSL" to select SSL on port 465
  • Alpine: is configured to use SSL; no user configuration need
  • Mac OS Mail: only need to select POP/IMAP; the default is SSL on port 993

For Authentication, choose Password or Plain; do not choose MD5 or Kerberos.

You can set the From: address to phas.ubc.ca ( our recommnedation) or to astro.ubc.ca or physics.ubc.ca. Any mail addressed to one of these 3 domains will be directed to our incoming mail server. Note that internal mail will always be masqueraded as phas.ubc.ca

Source URL: https://phas.ubc.ca/email-outgoing-mail